FAQ - Public
These questions and answers are intended are intended to provide some general information regarding our community. In the event of any conflict, the Association’s governing documents take precedence. 
Q. What are the age requirements for the community?
A. One resident must be at least 55 years old. Minimum age for any resident is 19 years old.
Q. What is the maximum number of residents allowed per house?
A. The maximum number of residents per house is three.
Q. Can residents bring guests to the pool?
A. Yes, the maximum number of guests is eight. The resident must remain at the pool with their guests.
Q. Is there a policy regarding pets?
A. Each home can have no more than a total of two dogs or cats. Pets shall not be allowed to run loose or uncontrolled. No doghouses are allowed. 
Q. Are there any homes in Legacy Oaks for sale?
A. There is no listing of all homes for sale in Legacy Oaks on our website. Some homes may be listed on the Homes For Sale webpage. Many real estate agents who advertise on our website are aware of homes being for sale and if you are not already working with a realtor, it is suggested that you contact one of them by Clicking Here.
Q. Are there any restrictions regarding vehicle types?
A. The vehicle restrictions apply to where a vehicle can be parked. The following vehicle types cannot be parked in the open, they must be parked in the garage: motorbikes, motorcycles, vehicles with commercial lettering, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, trailers and boats.
Q. How is the Community Association managed?
A. Legacy Oaks is governed by an Executive Board elected by the community. The Executive Board is responsible for upholding our governing documents and, along with a professional management company, handling the administrative, financial, and operational elements of the community.
Q. Are there any restrictions regarding pick-up type trucks?
A. The main restriction regarding pick-up trucks is that any vehicle exceeding any of the following dimensions or weights may not be parked in the open: 230 inches long, 80 inches wide (excluding mirrors), 80 inches high, 7,500 pounds gross vehicle weight or 2,000 pounds payload. If a pick-up truck is less than each of these sizes, it can be parked in the open.
Q. What services are provided by the Community Association?
A. With regard to the private property of residents, the Community Association provides the following services:
  • Lawn - mowing, edging, trimming, turf application, spring and fall clean-up.
  • Tree and Shrubbery Beds - edging and mulching front beds. 
  • Snow Removal - walks and driveways if over 2 inch accumulation.
  • Trash Removal - curbside trash and recycling.
Q. Is there an Architectural Review Committee?
A. Yes, all exterior changes to a home must go through the ARC.
Q. Are fences permitted?
A. Fences are not permitted with an exception for underground fencing for pet control.
Q. Are solar panels permitted?
A. No, solar panels are not permitted.